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Our Organic Rosewater was made for those with sensitive skin who are exhausted with other astringents burning their skin. This product will balance the oils on your skin, provide hydration naturally, antioxidant protection, ability to balance natural oils, reduce redness and irritation, help seal pores after steaming and exfoliating, temporarily tighten the skin, and diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles, & create a smoother looking appearance.

Our Rosewater can be used on your hair as well. This product will soften the hair,  provide moisture and hydration, reduce frizz and shine, reduce dandruff and oiliness, and helps with scalp irritation and breaks down product buildup.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Red Roses, Distilled Water, See Product Label for more Details

DIRECTIONS: Shake well before each use! Hold bottle upright & mist Rosewater at least 4 inches from face or hair. Store at room temperature or refrigerator (which ever is desired).

Shelf life 12 months, 4oz

Shelf life 12 months, 2oz