Lemon drop

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Our yellow flowering Lemon Drop Body Oil was created specifically to heal wounds, reduce redness, soothe the skin, and relieve rashes. Helichrysum essential oil contains an anti-inflammatory substance called arzanol, which plays a part in healing wounds. It also has antioxidant properties that can help to prevent scarring by regenerating new cells and preventing the accumulation of free radicals. This oil is also said to: relieve skin rashesWhen diluted and applied topically, lemon essential oil can kill bacteria that may get trapped in pores and cause breakouts. It can also clarify your skin, gently exfoliating dead skin cells that so often become trapped in hair follicle and poresBlending all the oils and plants will enhance the moisturizing and softening properties. This oil is PERFECT for individuals diagnosed with Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, and any other dry skin condition. This body oil will relieve flaky, itchy, and burning skin. 


Helichrysum Flowers & Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Rosehip Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera


Apply all over post-shower. Massage into damp/warm skin before toweling off. Be sure to show dry patches TLC.

 4oz, Shelf life 12 months

 2oz, Shelf life 12 months